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Dine into the Sunlight

We have held two Dine into the Sunlight events in the past. This fun night is filled with spaghetti and karaoke. This is a great night to go out and have a nice meal with your family and friends, while listening to (or singing to) a little bit of music and learning more about our cause. For the past two event, Anabella's has generously sponsered our event.


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Sing into the Sunlight

We have held 3 annual Sing into the Sunlight concerts and festivals, all of which have taken place at Sesselman Park & Bandshell in East Rutherford, NJ. All the events included various vendors, activities, speakers, and talented muscians. It's a beautiful day full of happiness that tends to inspire people--whether it's to get themselves help, find happiness in their lives, help another person suffering, or to join the cause.